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Let MyGoTrainer match you with your ideal certified personal trainer wherever you may be.

Better Manage Your Training Business, Earn More Revenue, and Grow Your Client Base.

Increase your revenue by partnering with MyGoTrainer and letting your space work for you.

How MyGoTrainer works

MyGoTrainer works by connecting three different entities in a single platform: Clients, Trainers, and Venues.
MyGoTrainer allows clients to specify the type of trainer they like and the training location most convenient for them. Then, MyGoTrainer pairs the client with a trainer and schedules the training session for the trainer and the venue. 


MyGoTrainer currently has partnered venues in Nashville, TN, New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA. We are rapidly growing and expanding into new cities and states.


MyGoTrainer is a FREE to use tool!You are only charged when you purchase a session or package with one of our partnered trainers.


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